Education: MBA
Status:Retired corporate financial executive. Educator

Started career as an accountant and worked my way up to Corporate executive in financial management. This included 8 years in oil and gas industry. I was the controller for a municipality for 5 years. I served as the financial executive for one of the first semiconductor manufacturing companies in 1974. This company was bought out by Semitech. I developed the first standard cost accounting system used in semiconducter manufacturing. At that time I was also the President of the local chapter of the National Association of Accountants and an adjunct professor at a satellite campus of Texas A & M.

Former fiscal advisor to Lloyd Bentsen Senator from Texas and Secretary of the Treasury under Bill Clinton. served as Advisor for 20 years, 1974 to 1994. When Lloyd retired from politics so did I. I was in the corporate world and served as a voluteer advisor to him. I left the corporate world and became an educator when Lloyd retired. America was on the way to a balanced budget and a world at peace. Much has changed.

I was responsible for creating the first nation wide “Principal Home Tax Credit” 1974. Proposing the first Windfall Profits Tax (implemented 1980. I conceived much of the Income tax structure that resulted in many of the Income tax reforms implemented when Lloyd became Secretary of the Treasury under Bill Clinton.
My place was to inject concepts and concrete ideas. The details were left up to Lloyds staffers and paid advisors.

I’m kinda like the kid that after being born, never spoke. Years went by and the parents tried everything to get him to say something. they finally gave up. Then, one day when the child was 5 years old they were all sitting at the dinner table when the child exclaimed. ” This is the worst excuse for a meal I’ve ever tasted!”

Well the parents were astonished. Joyful tears came from the mom’s eye’s eyes as she asked, “Why haven’t you spoken for all these years.” the child replied, “Well everything was okay until now.”

Accounting professional with Mobil Oil before it became Exxon/Mobile, consultant to Amoco Oil 1980’s, and former CFO for Texas Star Crude Oil Marketing. Currently retired oil business man and educator in Austin Texas.

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